Why Choose Tally?

Accounting software should have a good speed and power to deliver complex reports in minutes. Tally is one of the most commonly used Accounting software, which can be implemented in small business organizations and big financial companies. The ease of using Tally makes it convenient to be used even by a user who is new to technology.

Main Advantages of Tally Accounting Software

1. Good speed and reliability: It runs very fast at low configured system also. More than 70% of small businesses run this accounting software. It shows its reliability and quality.

2. Simple to use and operate: It is very easy to use Tally accounting software and it can be used to increase productivity of an organization. When it was launched as a desktop version, many buyers were attracted towards the simplicity and ease of use of the software. Users of Tally are accustomed to its procedures and the latest version of it has maintained its previous features.

3. Tally 9 is featured for multi lingual platform and object oriented database: Tally's support for the high power database, enables it to be used on multi user platform and make easy transactions at multi user levels. The upgradation in this software has enabled it to move from desktop to multi user environment. The capacity of database has also increased.

4. Complete business support: There are many features of Tally, which makes it very strong software for supporting a business organization. The dynamic reports and MIS of Tally gives complete opportunity to view every aspect of the business. You can have amazing control over the data synchronization and multi-lingual features. It's operation does not require much expertise in software handling and the buyers can get reports as per their needs without getting into the complexities of the software. Tally accounting software can allow transactions across various geographical areas.

5. Navigation is easy: In Tally the module and forms can be viewed through drill down display, where you can track the link between different modules and get the exact picture of data flow. In the accounting module, you find the feature for general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, bank operations and other functions.

Additional Features of Tally Accounting Software

Tally accounts software provides options for simple stock and inventory maintenance. There are many modules, which have been exclusively designed to provide stock management feature such as purchases order, invoicing, stock query and multiple stock evaluation. The forms also provide flexibility to have multiple units in measurement.

It supports various protocols in its web feature and you can transfer data through HTTP, HTTPS, ODBC, SMTP, FTP or other mode of data transmission. The data can be formatted in XML and HTML format. The latest version of Tally accounting software also supports SOAP and SDF data formatting to promote its interoperability with the Windows .NET Technology.

It is one of the best accounting software for multi user environment and it can be installed through LAN set up. It allows multi directory set up and web enabled publishing of financial reports. The graphical analysis and reports of it can be easily published through internet and there are many options in accounting reports in Tally.