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Info-Sys Computer InstituteInfo-Sys Computer Insitute engages in the production of computer professionals. Our vision is to build a strong bridge of Information Technology through computer training Programs.

Our training service is a practical oriented training programme. It offers very integrated and well-structured courses that accommodate all levels of trainees from entry level to high sophisticated and advanced needs. The task of training well educated individuals and professionals to become proficient in computer operation without diminishing their background and status is taken care of by our skilled professional instructors.


The computer career programme offered by Info-Sys Computer Institute is devoted to the profession and technical development of each student. Preparation for employment in Information Technology is the academy's specified objective, although a broader goal is career security and fulfillment of individual.

Choose a path towards a better job or a new career at info-Sys

Now you can train for exciting career opportunities….. new job, promotion, better pay, your own business in your spare time!

There's no need to stand in registration lines, wait for class to start or for the next semester to begin. There's never a problem because is full or cancelled. If you're ready to learn we are ready to teach you. Just as soon you sent in your enrollment application and accepted by the school, we will start you immediately it is that simple.

There's no question about it. You learn by doing. So our courses are set up to give lots of pratical experience. The class lectures and materials given make every step clear to you. Finally, you do the project yourself in your area of study. And infact, in many of our courses you can start doing small jobs for friends and neigbours after couples of lessons.

You made an important & wise decision when you requested for information about our courses. You have taken the first big step that shows you have a desire to succeed in a fascinating career. Your next step should even be easier! You have all the facts! You know what an exciting and rewarding life you can live. Yes, this is your moment of decision! It can change the entire course of your life, and perhaps the lives of others as well. Don't wait. Start on the road toward an exciting career today. So look through the following course descriptions and complete the enrollment application.

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